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Ducati's F1 engine

Oct 19, 2018
From building artillery shells to motorcycles in WWII to manufacturing radios, Ducati even produced an F1 engine for Maserati. The post-war era of Ducati was rough as the company's factories were bombed in 1944 and due to Aldo Farinelli's engine, Ducati survived. In the 1960's F1 officials, due to the dangerous nature of the sport, reduced its maximum displacement from 2.500cc to 1500cc and this caught the attention of Ducati engineer Fabio Taglioni. Ducati's design was a 1.5-liter V8 engine as coincidentally Maserati's boss was looking for a new engine for its F1 team. Unfortunately, the deal never went underway for financial reasons, and the Ducati's engine became part of history.
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